How do I find these five missing songs? (iTunes/iPod)

I have 2700 songs on iTunes but only 2695 songs on my iPod. Short of doing a ridiculously complicated line by line comparison, is there a way to figure out which five songs aren’t transferring?

I have no idea.

I just know that I’m pretty fed up with iTunes losing some of my tracks (7997 files, half of which aren’t really on the iPod), which I’m attempting to solve by restoring the iPod to factory condition and re-synchronizing the library. It’s a bit like nuking the site from orbit, but if you’re patient then it might take care of the problem.

I really get the impression that iTunes wasn’t designed for large media libraries. You can’t really organize your files with it, and managing playlists involves long sessions of scrolling through a single monolithic set of titles. iTunes was really built to sell stuff via the iTunes Music Store; everything else was pretty much poorly tacked on. I’d be using something else (like MediaMonkey, which looks promising, and Winamp is “almost there”) if anything else handled video files satisfactorily.

Aw hells no, I ain’t doing that. I had to do that last week for some intermittent issue that not even a Mac “genius” could figure out and it takes forever to reload everything.

Oh good god, I give up. I just synched my iPod and I have 2701 songs on iTunes and 2726 songs on the iPod. I did add one song to iTunes since the last synch last night but suddenly 25 more songs have appeared.

I would bet good money that the number of files has remained the same, it’s just the number of entries that has increased.

More angsty asides: I had a bugger of a problem with all the playlists doubling every time I synchronized, after I imported my Winamp playlists. The problem went away only after I deleted all playlists and rebuilt them one at a time.

I’m reminded of the saying about the Model-T. It comes in any color you like, as long as you want it in black. You can manage your tunes any way you want to, as long as you never deviate from our (Apple’s) way of doing it.

Face it, Mac-heads. iTunes sucks rancid tofu gravy from the stale, time-worn teat of conformity. I can only see bitter irony in the famous 1984 commercial, now.

I think I know where your problem originates.

  1. do you have preferences set to synch manually?
  2. did you amend the information in some of the files, ie, change the genre to something intelligent?

that might be your problem.

With the iPod connected, view the songs by name, scroll through, and look for duplicates.

Probably unhelpful WAG: Can you cut & paste the two lists into Excel, and then have Excel compare the two lists & give the difference?