How do I "fix" a scratched leather jacket?

My roommate scratched my $300 leather jacket. The leather isn’t cut open, but it looks like someone took their nail and dragged it across the back. Does anyone know of any products I can use to make it less noticeable? I took it to the dry cleaners, who advertise that they fix leather, and they said they couldn’t fix it. Any suggestions?

A scuff cover product as used on shoes in the dab type containers would probably make the scratch less noticeable, but it would have to be used with great precision (possibly put into a dish and applied with a toothpick) . Also the slight darkening effect of scuff cover isn’t as noticeable on shoes, but it may be on jackets. The trade off is that anything that going to make the scuff less noticeable is going to darken the leather somewhat. Black jackets are the best candidates for this other colors much less so.


Take it to a dry cleaners and have them ship it to a leather cleaning establishment (or find one yourself) those guys can make a scratch disappear.

A shoe repair shop can help you. I’d just dab leather dye on it with a q-tip.

I’m assuming this is smooth leather, not suede, in the following advice:

clean the leather with saddle soap or leather cleaner, then condition with leather conditioner. Neatsfoot oil works, if you have it around the house, or any conditioner that does NOT say “won’t darken leather!”