Suggestions for getting out a stain...

I recently received a new pair of shoes for Christmas. About a week ago, I went out with some friends and wore these shoes. I didnt notice that some sort of alcoholic beverage was splashed onto my new shoes until yesterday when I was planning to wear them again. The stain isnt really noticeable, but it is there, taunting me. I simply tried to polish the damn things, but its a stain not a scratch or anything, so that really wont work on the leather. I was just wondering if anyone could offer some helpful advice. Thanks :slight_smile:

Depending on the type of leather (this won’t worke on suede!) perhaps try saddle soap?

WAG: Toothpaste, but as it’s mildly abrasive, it may damage. Try it on a hidden part of ths shoe first. This will depend on the ‘depth’ of the stain. ie. How much it soaked in.

I’ve never known anything to get a stain out of leather. However you could try polishing them a shade darker than the base leather color. (With colored, not clear.neutral polish, natch) This might cover the stain.

Depending on the texture of the leather, a light coating of Neatsfoot oil might permanently darken it. Do NOT try this on suede.

Chewing-gum will take that right out, but how to get rid of the chewing-gum is another thing altogether. Perhaps red wine would do it.

LOL smarm! I think motor oil takes out the red wine…?