How do I get an agent?

I perform with a sketch comedy group in new york city.

We have been performing for awhile with moderate success. In my opinion, and in the opinion of some of our audience members, we have strong sketches but rather weak performances (most of us are not very strong actors).

But the scripts are great (IMHO).

So I want to try to get them in front of people with juice, but how? Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, Chappelle Show etc etc etc are all pretty strict about not accepting scripts from jokers like me. Logically I would find an agent, but agents generally don’t want to represent someone who earns zero $ (for now) as a performer or writer.

This is kind of a lame GQ (akin to someone posting their thesis essay question in GD to get the smarties to write it) but I was hoping there might be someone out there with a little insight.