How do I get Google to present my "site hierarchy" in search results?

I have a new site up (about a month ago) and I have been working with the Google tools to to have it indexed etcetera, and I’m happy with the results.

However, when one search for my site, Google presents all the subsites as different results, one after another. I would like Google to suggest the main site and then have the subsites as subheadings, which is very common today.

For instance, if you google for Straight Dope, you get the main page as main header, and then a few subsites as subheaders. I don’t get that hiearchy.

I have uploaded the site map to the webmaster tool and it seems to work, but it doesn’t seem to affect the search result.

I’m not talking about “Snippets” (I think), as a matter of fact, I’m not sure what it is called, the effect I’m after, which makes it difficult to search for (and my native language is not English).

Any help appreciated, as always.

You are talking about sitelinks. Google says they are displayed algorithmically; the best you can do probably is to have pertinent anchor text on the links from the main page.

Thank you, Mops! Very good.