How do I get info regarding mail tampering laws?

I have a neighbor who may be messing with my mailbox. I would like to understand the laws governing such things in case this escalates.

I’ve tried the US Postal Service site and the Dept Of Justice but can’t find anything
which clearly states the law. Does anyone know where I can quickly access this information?

Call your local postal inspector if you think that anyone is destroying or stealing your mail.

Title 18, United States Code
Section 1705. Destruction of letter boxes or mail

Section 1708. Theft or receipt of stolen mail matter generally

If the guy is nicking your mail you should leave a suitably attractive looking envelope in your mailbox with a letter containing just that information.

I can’t find a statute, but it’s also a violation to put anything besides mail into a personal mailbox. Once at the age of about 8, while the family was vacationing in a rented beach house, a neighbor woman yelled at us kids for firing blank guns. In retaliation, I put a banana peel in her mail box. Sure enough, a couple of days later there were a couple of policemen asking around the neighborhood regarding this incident of mail tampering! :eek:

Pretty scary for an eight year old, let me tell you.

My secret was safe, though.

Go to your local post office, and mention your concerns. They may know if this has happened before, and how it was dealt with in your municipality.