How do I get my facial hair to grow?

I have a very fine, blonde moustache and sideburns, although my head hair is medium brown. I don’t really have much at all in the way of beard. When I say “fine and blonde” I mean that you can’t see it unless you are looking and the light is at the right angle.
Most guys in my family haven’t been able to produce a full beard, but manage at least a moustache and 'burns if they want them.

So, how can I make my facial hair grow thicker/darker/more abundant? If I shave it off, it takes about 2 months to grow back, and it grows back just as fine and blonde.

I’m starting to get a bit discouraged, as many girls I know have more of a beard than I do :frowning:

Tips appreciated…

Two questions first of all…How old are you? How long is it that it takes two months to grow back.

(If your 15 and it’s a 1/2 that could be understandable and it’ll just be time, though it’s likely genes aren’t on your side. But if your 34 and it takes two months to grow 1/8 inch, that’s kinda odd. )

All though I have to mention, my facial hair has always been more like, well, hair. I’ve always wondered about that. Compared to most beards I’ve seen, it’s sparser (though uniform) and softer. I’ve never let it grow out, but I’ve always thought it would make a rather unattractive/grungy/sloppy beard/moustache/goetee/sideburns whatever.

How do I get my facial hair to grow?

Water it daily and rub manure on it. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I don’t know anything you can do besides wait.

grabbing yardstick and heading for mirror
well, the longest bit (in the sideburns) is about 6mm. The moustache is between 3 and 4 mm. That’s the longest it gets. Two months may have been an overestimate, maybe a month would be more accurate. I wouldn’t have to shave if I didn’t want to, the hair is practically unnoticeable.

I’m 21, but my 19 year old brother has had a moustache since he was 16.

well I 've always heared that the more you shave it the faster it grows; so I guess you could just start shaving everyday even if there’s nothing to shave and maybe it will start to grow for some reason…

That’s what I hear as well. I have a friend who started shaving since he was 13/14 ish and even till this day he can’t grow any facial hair (except for a few random strands that look awful). As for me, I dind’t start shaving till I was about 17 and now I have the thickest growth amongst my buds.

So I guess it pretty much depends on your genes, unless you want to start taking growth hormones or something :slight_smile:

<insert random curse word>, I am tired of looking like a 13 year old boy! It doesn’t help that I’m pretty short.

I heard of this stuff, Rogaine, which is supposed to be good for getting your head hair to grow back if you’re going bald- does anyone have any ideas if something like this would work for facial hair?

Well, you’re in luck, friend. Facial hair fashion trends are turning toward the clean-shaven look. Perhaps as a reaction to the war in Iraq, where moustaches seem to be mandatory, more men are now sporting naked upper lips. I read this factoid in the Indianapolis Star. For the moment, at least, your look is in style.

If you’re tired of looking young, I’d recommend regular use of tanning beds and cigarettes. Dermatologists say these habits will speed up the acquisition of wrinkles.

We seem to be on the reverse trend over here. I’d love a goatee, but if that’s too much to ask, sideburns that made it as far as my earlobes wouldn’t hurt.

And looking 13 is almost as bad as looking 180 IMHO, especially constantly being asked for ID.

This thread brings up a few ideas :wink: And there are some other interesting reads if you go to the main section.

Actually people are already using Rogaine for facial hair growth

Thanks, green_bladder… I had no idea that there was a whole board for people with beard issues grins

Shaving everyday even though there’s nothing to shave? Can you say recipe for razor burn?! :eek:

For the OP, I don’t know anything about thickening beards, but in case your problem remains, please remember to keep yourself completely clean shaven. In all honesty, a wispy, straggly beard is not a turn-on.
And fine hair on top of head = yes; on jaw = no, please.

PS: I truly hope you won’t be offended.

aasna, i am not offended… the hair in question is so fine that it can’t be seen, except under very close inspection.

I would be eager to try shaving daily in the hope that something would grow, but I suspect it would be pointless and just cause skin irritation.

phraser, there’s nothing you can do to increase your facial hair except wait.

Shaving to make it grow faster? That’s a crock. What actually happens is that instead of seeing the entire length of the hair (which starts out narrow, gets thicker in midshaft, and tapers off again before falling out) you only see it in the middle.

Just revel in it: You’ve got a beard that you only need to shave every other day. Some men would kill to have your problem :wink:

According to MTV’s Big Urban Myth Show, shaving does not speed hair growth. Barbarian is right, appropriately.