How do I get my money out of Paypal?

Earlier this month, I sold an item off of Ebay. The buyer decided to pay me through PayPal, and this was fine with me though I’ve had problems with trying to register with them in the past. Now when I log onto my PayPal account I see a message saying I have a balance of the same amount of money the item sold for, so I know the buyer sent me the money. However, my Washington mutual account has no record of recieving that amount of money within the last week. So how do I transfer money from my Paypal account, into my bank account? Am I missing something here? I thought Paypal was supposed to deposit money into my account automatically. I don’t see why it wouldn’t, my account is confirmed with Paypal and I don’t see any buttons or icons at the Paypal sight I can click to tell them to make a deposit into my account. What gives? How do I make Paypal give me my money?

Your money is in your PayPal account. To transfer it to your bank account, just log on to PayPal and click on “Withdraw”.

That did it. Thanks a bunch Scr4 :cool: .