How do I get rid of DSL service on my phone line?

I’ve recently cancelled my account with Earthlink DSL (which goes through Covad) so that I could sign up with Verizon’s superior speed and price alternative. But its been several weeks now and Verizon keeps cancelling my order because they claim Covad’s DSL provisioning still exists on my phone line; it needs to be cleared before they can install their own DSL.

I’ve e-mailed both Earthlink and Covad concerning this, but I doubt its a high priority issue for them. This is getting frustrating - what should I do so I can get the previous DSL cleared?

I would suggest contacting Verizon’s support and see if they can shake something loose with Covad. It’s obviously in their interest to get you signed up with them.

As a former ELN employee, I would speculate that the e-mail support reps don’t know what to do. You’ll probably need to bite the bullet & call, let tech. support know about the problem, and they’ll notify Covad.

If you’re disputing early cancellation fees they may not be motivated to release the line.

I feel your pain. I am in the middle of a move, which includes moving my DSL service. The companies are very good at initially setting you up, but anything after that and you are in no-man’s land.

One piece of advice - work the “release” of your DSL through your phone company. When I disconnected my phone at my old house, the phone company (SBC) said that billing would stop that day, but that disconnection would not occur for about a week while they “released” the DSL (Earthlink). So, press Covad to release the DSL and then tell Verizon to keep trying.

BTW, were you unhappy with Earthlink? Since I’m going through all the pain of switching maybe I should look at a new DSL provider.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I don’t look forward to the 1 hour tech support waits, but I guess I have no choice.

And pilot141, Verizon’s DSL service is $35, the cheapest in the country, as well as faster download speeds and excellent newsgroups.

Plus, your money isn’t going to a scientologist.

Too bad you’re not in an SBC zone – $29.95 is even cheaper. That’s not a promotional price, either.

(I prefer Comcast myself – it’s worth the extra cash).

I work for a British DSL provisioning company.You should call the phone company. Chances are your old ADSL is ceased and the equipment is gone but the phone company has not updated their records. When the other ISP you are trying to sign up with check for incompatible rented products on your line they don’t physically do a test, all they do is call the phine company and they read out the cosmetic notes which may or may not be entirely up to date, this happens a lot with us. Tech support should be able to do tests and log-in to your ADSL if it is still there using test log-in ID’s. And you may still be able to use the service yourself, but probably not.
Covad cannot help you in this really very much because they have no buisness in this at the moment. But Earthlink should be in very close contact with the group who actually send out the engineers and these people should be able to check the engineers notes on the day he was contracted to go out and remove the equipment from the exchange. When the ISP sends a request to have ADSL ceased to the engineer groups sometimes the engineers reject the request because certain details (order numbers, house number etc.) have been not input on the cease request. A lot of the time the engineers don’t bother to tell us they have rejected the request, and the first we know of it is when the cust calls asking " What the hell is going on? "
My guess is non updated records though.

Actually I work for Verizon DSL and this is not correct. Earthlink/Covad are wholesale accounts and must submit removals through the wholesale dept. When you call us to see if the line is cancelled, the most we can do is call our provisioning group and see if the line is clear. If not, it’s back to earthlink you go. It stinks but thats the only thing that we can do. The phone dept. has zero to do with DSL provisoning so I don’t think you will have any luck there.

Feel free to contact me through email if you have any questions.

Does your DLS line still work? If it is, what I would do is send them a registered letter of cancellation and stop paying forthwith. Meanwhile continue to use it. That’s even cheaper than Verizon. I don’t think they have any comeback since not only are they providing the service, they are preventing you from using any replacement.

If your line is not working, then I would file a small claim against them. That should get them going.

Heh heh! I told you you would get no help from the Verizon guys. (¬_) - Tigersmiley

I think what you wrote pezpunk basically just agrees with what I said.

Dude. that is what I said although I did not use the word “wholesale”. I said that the ISP must submit cease requests (removals) through another group (W/S) who get the engineers to go out and do the necesarry work.

Trust me what I wrote is exactly the way it goes in the UK and I am sure even your American wholsale dept. when taking orders look at a system that the phone company use to keep records on what is on a PSTN line.

The phone company may play no part in providing ADSL (excpet when they don’t supply the custs with all the options and push custs towards their own ADSL services) but they cen certainly play a part in fucking an order up causing in to be delayed or ceased in error after the ADSL provide.

btw headcoat you should make sure you are aware of the timescales it takes your old ISP to clear a line. If you are past the normal cease of ADSL timescale then I am fairly confident that only one of two things has happened.

  1. Your DSL is ceased but the telephone company who supplies your line has not been told about this by wholesale so when the new ISP checks with your phone company for incompatibles (and they have to do this, their computers will run a line check that runs your number through their database) it will appear to them that you are still happily supplied by the old guys. In which case either call your phone company or better yet call earthlink and get them to call the phone co while you ar on the line.

2)The wholesale dept. have lost or never seen the cease request sent in by earthlink. In which case call earthlink and tell them to kick butt.

I agree with you but was clarifying the difference between “phone company” and DSL wholesale division. If he calls Verizon phone he will be transfered all around the country and back.

I was simply trying to help him. I did not mean to say that you main statement was incorrect just one portion that I disagreed with.

I would also say that offering to have him email through my personal account was quite a ‘helpful’ offer for a Verizon employee.

Yeah, he should definitely email you with his details seeing as how you are in the correct area to kick butt.:wink: mind you it ain’t your durisdiction just yet but I am sure ther are people you can call :wink: