No phone service, still DSL. Why?

Through a series of errors and stupidities, I went and got my phone disconnected. (Boy, SBC doesn’t screw around, do they?). I was annoyed as I was going to go do the BankOnline thing that night to get caught up and now I couldn’t.

Anyhow, I was quite surprised to see that although my phone service was off, that my DSL light was still on. Everything worked fine…except no phone.


Why did my DSL still work


Could I cancel my phone service altogether (And switch to Cell phones and Internet phones) and still have my DSL? (cable modem is not available in my area).

Thanks much!

There is no actual cutting of a line or anything, they just deactivate the port at the central equipment that provides the phone service. The equipment that provides the DSL is unaffected.

As to whether you can have DSL without voice, technologically it’s possible. The question is whether SBC sells stand-alone DSL in your area. I work for a local phone company and we used to sell stand-alone DSL, then we stopped selling it to residential customers but still sold it to business customers, and now have started selling it to residential customers again.

We pay our Verizon voice and dsl bills separately, I guess they can cut them independently as well.

SBC handles the phone service, but Covad handles the DSL service, which is then re-sold by SBC or Speakeasy or whomever your provider is. At least that’s how it is in my area. They don’t communicate with one another very well.

They don’t physically disconnect the wires, they just turn off phone service at the local exchange. I think they actually may be required to allow you to call 911 even if the phone line is “disconnected”.

I tried to get DSL without a phone, and found that you just can’t do it. First, they need your loop number to just install the DSL. You get a loop number when you get your phone number. That means involving yourself with SBC.

If you get the phone number to just get DSL installed, then cancel it, the next time an SBC linesman goes into your neighborhood wiring box to hook up someone else’s phone line, they’ll hook into the pair that’s supplying your DSL with their buttset, not hear a dial tone, and reconnect it. Poof, your DSL is now being piped into someone else’s house. Also, if you did have a line problem with the DSL, they need your loop number, which is tied to your phone number. It’ll take days for them to figure out what’s going on.

Yeesh… They don’t use data safe buttsets?

No. Hardly a week goes by when I don’t have to work some data circuit trouble where a field tech has stolen somebody’s pairs because he didn’t hear dialtone on them.

You should really give your ISP a call to make sure they are not in the process of ceasing your ADSL. When a stop of a phone line occurs for whatever reason (non-payment of telephone bills, phone Co. fucking up etc.) this usually results (with British Telecom anyway) in a cease order for ADSL being generated. The time gap is the time it takes for an engineer to be assigned the job of cutting the wire. Call your ISP to check.

Thanks everyone for their input. I figured there’d be no way to get DSL w/o a phoneline, but I couldn’t help the excitement in discovering a possible out from under the tyrannical thumb of SBC ( Some Big Company, I think it stands for :smiley: )

I will call Earthlink (my ISP) and make sure they aren’t disconnecting me. Thanks for that tip smam

The only state of which my company is aware which requires 911 capability on disconnected CLEC lines is New York. We don’t do business in New York so it doesn’t affect us. ILECs may have different regulations.

I can’t speak to how Satan, I mean SBC operates, but if one of our customers wants DSL without voice we just assign a fictitious TN to the loop.