how do I help this person?

This person I don’t know keeps IMing me on AOL. I usually ignore it, but today I decided, for some reason, to just go along with it and mess with them. Immature? Yes.

Bear in mind I don’t know this person AT ALL. I’m fairly sure its a teenage girl. She seems very depressed, almost suicidal, but I’m no expert (just a teen myself.) Anyway, I’ll post the log of my conversation with this person. Hopefully some of the teeming million can give some advice on how I can help this person. I’m zepplin21. Slima 4c is the other person.

I’m talking to this person right now, so the quicker you respond, the better.

By posting this in IMHO or MPSIMS?

Younger people tend to be prone to exaggeration. I saw no indication of suicidal ideation… I personally would block this girl. She’ll find someone else, & I don’t think you can provide whatever she needs anyhow.

Bless you for trying, though!

Don’t know if you CAN help this person, but for what its worth the advice you gave - actually TALKING to someone - was the best thing to do. Someone close to Slima has to know what’s going on in their head.


**Slima 4c: dont you feel sorry for me? **