How do I identify this painting?

So there I was, in the Goodwill a few months ago. Microbug was looking for some cheap clothes, I was just wandering the store… when I saw the print. It was on auction- apparently, the local Goodwill has an art auction once a month. This one was a Rosemond- a painting of a woman, done in oil (I think), but in a style that makes it look like it’s done in watercolor. It’s a very pleasant painting. I talked to the clerk, and she said that they’d auctioned off another print of the painting, and it had gone for a fairly high amount, though she couldn’t remember how much.

The interesting thing about it was that I have the original at home. :slight_smile:

I was given the painting many years ago, and, while I quite like the painting, I’ve never heard of the artist. I’ve tried to look it up on the Internet, but I’ve never had any luck.

So… How can I find out how much this thing’s worth? I mean, sure, I imagine I could take it to have it appraised, but how much would that cost me? Realistically, all I want is to know more about the painting…

This her?

Q.E.D.- nope, not her. Carol Rosemond’s the painter I always seem to get when I try to look up more information on the painting… but the style’s very different. I’ve not seen Carol Rosemond do portraits. Thanks, though. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can stick a photo of the painting in question on a website? If you don’t have one you can use this free image-hosting service.

You can search for ‘rosemond’ try completed auctions too, if you want to check value.

Also, did you know they put their best stuff at: ?

Handy, you da insert gender of choice here!

Apparently, the painting is “Simone”. Here’s a picture of it:


You’re in Austin, so maybe you could check out the art history reference books at UT libraries (the horror! But I find the web is not terribly good for most research. I have this suspicion that there are only 15 facts, widely paraphrased and plagiarized, on the internet). There are a few “who’s who in American art” sorts of things, and the Germans put out some good Allgemeine Kunstler Lexikons. A number of things list contemporary American artists ad such. . . if I go to the library today I’ll duck in if I remember and see if there are any usual suspects. Could you describe the thig vaguely, stylistically? How old is it?

Ah, too late. Never mind.

Well, I now know the NAME of the painting… but I’m having no luck finding out anything else about either it or the artist. Fie on thee, Internet!

Here’s a link with your image:

And here’s the main page:

The 24th page of the Google image search for “Simone” did the trick. Good lord, there are a lot of people and pets and shoes and lord knows what all else named Simone out there.

Probably the Rosamond vis. Rosemond issue was key. If you search for Rosamond, she’s the first thing Google result.

Melandry- yep, that’s it. Holy cow, I had no idea this was a popular artist. Guess I’ll be getting that thing appraised! :slight_smile: