How do I make a short MP3 clip into a RAZR ringtone?

The spouse has a Motorola RAZR phone, and would like to put a really short MP3 of the “Kim Possible” phone sound (which he’s got) on it to use as a ringtone. I Googled around but didn’t find anything definitive explaining how to do this. Can it be done?

Alternatively, does anybody know where I can find the “Kim Possible” ringtone (the little “doo-doo-dee-doo” sound that her phone makes) in a format that’s compatible with the RAZR?


As I’m not sure of the legality of this topic, I’ve replied privately.

As a fan of free services, I recommend Mobile17.

Should allow you to send the ringtone to your phone, free (except for the text message/download fees)
As far as finding the ringtone itself, I’ll leave that to you.

I tried Mobile17, and unfortunately it didn’t work. I have an MP3 that I was told to change the extension to .mid. I did this and it plays fine in Windows Media Player, but it won’t play on my phone (a Treo 650) or the spouse’s RAZR when he got the text message from Mobile17.

I’ll try it again, this time keeping the extension as .mp3 and see if that works. I hope so. I never would have thought this would be so difficult.

You don’t need Mobile17, just use P2KMan, and you can keep the .mp3 extension.