How do I make a .wav file play when I open a file.

This from the helpful (but confusing)

Anybody have a clue what the HTML code would be and where exactly I might insert it?

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Huh? Those directions are goofy. It’s pretty easy to associate a .wav sound with an event.

For me, in Windows 98 (What are you using again?), I go into start-> settings-> control panel-> sounds and highlight the event I want a sound for. In my case, I put my added wave files into the Media file within windows (It’s where they all reside). If it’s not there and is somewhere else, simply click browse in that window and hunt down where that .wav file is at.

I am also using Win98. I am not trying to assign a .wav file to an event, this is easily accomplished through the Control Panel as you mentioned. I am trying to assign a .wav file to a particular folder. For example: fart.wav plays when I open Netscape :slight_smile:

Ahh… now I see what you’re after. Good luck. I was trying to do that same thing myself, a while back, without much luck.

The best I can do is offer you the link to the thread where I brought it <here>. It had some good ideas and some suggestions, but I gave up on trying to get it to work soon after the last post.

Maybe someone will know more now.

<BGSOUND SRC=“file.mid”> or file.wav or whatever

Shibber me timbers!

You had posted to that thread I linked to. I didn’t notice that until just now as I was re-reading through it.

Oh, well.

I will express my ignorance when I ask: Where do I insert this code?


That’s the entire HTML document you need