How do I make my computer realize that it has USB 2.0 ports?

My USB ports run very slowly; when I want to put some mp3’s on a flash drive, it usually takes several minutes per album. But when I load them onto my work computer, all of them come off of the drive in less than 10 seconds. I think what’s going on is that my computer doesn’t realize that it has USB 2.0 ports and is functioning at the reduced speed. I’m 99% positive that it has 2.0 ports, as it’s only from 2002 or so.

What can I do?

I just found this message that pops up when I plug in the flash drive:

Again, I’m 99% sure that this motherboard has USB 2.0 onboard; it’s a Dell Dimension 8200 computer, but I’m not sure the actual Mobo.

The Technical blurb gives no mention of USB2 which leads me to think that it hasn’t been installed.

You can buy a USB2 card for not much money and install it.

Note that USb2 controllers/drivers are installed as part of one of the service packs for XP. SP11 I think, so if that isn’t installed, USB2 won’t work anyway.
Unless you use Linux or Vista, in which case just ignore that bit.

Intel introduced 2.0 chipsets in May 2002; lots of 8200 owners have had to add PCI cards to get USB 2.0. It’s far from certain that your machine does. Doesn’t the System Control Panel give you this info?

Crap, I guess it doesn’t have it! I’ll just have to plunk down the $20 for a PCI card then. I’m about to move about 300 gb of data around, so the extra speed will be totally worth it. :slight_smile:

On one of my home computers, the motherboard requires drivers that have to be installed before the USB will function as 2.0. Unfortunately, I lost that CD- so to get USB2 ports on my computer, I had to go out and buy a USB2 card. This didn’t fix the onboard ports- but at least I’ve got some USB2 ports now.

The card itself cost about ten bucks, so it was worth it.

The 8200 has USB 1.1

If you want USB 2.0 you have to get a PCI card. These are cheap.
If you want something easily accessible, get a hub while you’re at it.