How do I make sugar-free ice cream?

Is it even possible to do at home? I want to make no-sugar ice cream (for a diabetic person), cinnamon-flavored.

Use Splenda instead of sugar, cup-for-cup in the recipe you choose. I’m of no help in the cinnamon department.

One problem I’ve faced is that sugar improves the ice cream’s consistancy by helping the water content remain slushy. The sugar-free ice cream I’ve made was ok straight out of the maker but froze rock solid if stored. Commercial sugar-free ice cream is loaded with emulsifiers like guar gum to prevent this.

I make my ice cream with egg yolks, which also emulsify; I think the guar gum is also to retard ice crystal formation.

If you figure out the consistency part (I totally forget how I used to make SF ice cream…but I did), try Davinci Syrups for flavoring. It’s flavored liquid Splenda. Liquid Splenda is coveted in the sugar-free world.

Torani also makes SF syrup.

I’m not sure about the sugar free part, but if you use real cinnamon, it may actually help lower the need for insulin. While this can be a great thing, you should, if you use a lot of it, let your diabetic know about it so s/he can do extra checks on the blood sugar.

Oh, and the cinnamon used in the studies is cinnamomum cassia, the common American “cinnamon”, not cinnamomum zeylanicum, the expensive, specialty store sold “real” cinnamon.