How do I print my passwords, etc. from my STRIP PDA utility?

I use Strip v. 1.0 in my Palm PDA to store my passwords, etc. I realized that it has ALL of my important info, and if I lost it, life would suck.

I would like to get the info into a textfile format so I can print or ??? the info.

I’ve seen a PERL conversion tool on the web, but have no clue what to do with it.

I don’t even know how to make a duplicate of the file to save elsewhere, just in case…As in, save what I have, and if I lose my PDA I can get a new one, load it with STRIP and then be OK.

Any ideas?


The standard Palm synchronization should be taking care of this for you. If you look in your Palm software directory, you should find a folder with your username.

Look in <palm>&lt;username>\Backup
You should see a bunch of files like “abc.prc” and “def.pdb”
The first one is an application; the second is data. As long as those are there, Hotsync can restore a Palm device. You can (and probably should) backup that “Backup” folder somewhere safe from time to time.
For example, I use yaps to store all of my passwords (a nice freeware app for passwords, btw), and I have the following files in my backup: Yaps.PRC, YapsDB.PDB
The first one is the program; the second is my password database (encrypted).

You should be able to completely reset your device, hit the Hotsync button, and everything will be restored perfectly. In theory, you should be able to buy a new device and run Hotsync on it and have all of your favorite stuff automatically loaded on it.

This is what I’m worried about…in theory vs. an unfortunate reality. I just want to print them out and lock the paper up, just in case.

Thanks though!


I use that program. To a certain extent the whole point of the program is to not leave a plain text file around anywhere. Unless there is a PC version that unencrypts the passwords I don’t think your will be able to print them.

Maybe I should be clearer: The “pdb” file and “prc” file are your backup. Just put a copy of them someplace safe from time to time and you will always be able to restore them to another Palm device.

I was casting a slight bit of doubt on the idea of a full perfect restore of one palm device’s configuration onto a brand new device. Nevertheless, even if that didn’t work right, you should have no problem whatsoever of loading the prc and pdb files onto your new device. No text file backup needed.