How do I quote someone else's post?

How do I quote some one else, as to respond to them? Cut & paste?

Click the lil’ “quote” button below the post, jack@ss. :slight_smile:

Following Gunslinger’s instructions will quote the entire post for you, but if you want to respond to only part of a post or pick a post apart line-by-line, here’s how.

Copy the section you wish to quote. In the reply field, type
{quote} Paste the quote material here {/quote}
Replacing the {} with will give you

Clicking the link in the “vB code is On” at the top of the reply page will also give an explanation of this and many other wonders of vB code.

Hope this helps.

Testing, never mind me…

also practicing
One question though,could you click on the qoute button and just delete the parts of the post you dont want so it comes up in bold? would that work?

Just realised how stupid that probably sounds, I assume their putting ** **in the post?

that was supposed to be {b} {/b} in there post,sheesh! I give up lol.

It didn’t sound stupid to me. I tried it and it works. I preview everything so I seldom need to practice where it can be seen.

Eh, Eirroc, cultivate the habit of using Preview Reply and it won’t jump up and bite you on the ass like that… :slight_smile:

I will also point out (this feeling like a Teachable Moment) that it’s considered good manners, when you Reply With Quote, to make sure the quote is attributed correctly to whoever said it. This makes it easier for people lower down in the thread to follow the action, especially in a hot and heavy Pit thread, where it can be vitally important to know who said what, and when.

So if you’re doing a lot of Cut and Pasting, you need to add the words “originally posted by” in italics.

Like this:
[ quote ] [ i ] originally posted by George W. Bush: [ /i ]
[ b ] It’s mine! Mine! All mine! [ /b ] [ /quote ]

But without the spaces in between, 'kay? :wink:

Thanks spider woman, much better idea!
Thanks for pointing that out duck duck goose, I’ll remember that for the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tutorial, every one. And Preview really helps.


I love it when Dopers are doin’ it for themselves. Just gives me a little glow of pride to see y’all helping one another out. I’ll bust out crying any minute now.


your humble TubaDiva

Spider Woman, your point is well taken. I myself am very particular about this. Don’t misquote!

Arnold, that was actually DDG’s quote.

----:p/ x o x o x