How do I rate this eBay transaction?

I won an auction for 5 comics in a series that had variant covers by an artist I collect. At least one of those covers is hard to find (1B). It was a “buy it now”, and I got it early at a low price. Well, instead of 1B I got 1A, which is not by this artist, and extremely easy to find.

Now, the ad had a picture of 1A, not 1B.
But it had in the listing, “(DARWYN COOKE Variant Issue: #1)”.

I sent them an e-mail telling them what happened, and what I expected. Is it reasonable for me to expect 1B? I’d always put more faith in the text of the description, rather than the photos - since many times people include stock photos instead of pictures they took themselves of their items.

There was conflicting information in the auction. You should’ve e-mailed the seller for clarification before you bid.

If the seller isn’t unreasonable you might be able to work with him.

I’d put most of this on you for not clarifying the auction before bidding. However, I also suspect it could have been a ruse to get uncareful people to buy something, so he might bear some responsibility. See what happens when you try to work it out before leaving feedback.

Thanks for the input. Now just to clarify (and I don’t want to try to skew the perception here, I really want an unbiased opinion from people) - the auction was for 5 variant covers, and I received 4 variant covers and 1 original cover.

I wouldn’t rate it at all until you’ve had a chance to discuss the problem with the seller.

That said, not every auction has pictures, and sometimes pictures don’t load. The description that the seller gives should be as accurate as possible, as, like you said, sellers often use stock photos.

But if you noticed the discrepancy you should have asked before bidding.

I don’t think it was a ruse of any kind. When you’re posting multiple listings, you tend to do a lot of copying and pasting and editing. Sounds like they missed something at the editing stage.

I’d say that your dissatisfaction w/ the transaction is mostly your fault for bidding on something even though you saw there was conflicting information. The seller probably had no idea the mistake was there and if it had been pointed out to them they could have corrected it.

If the mistake had been reversed - a photo of 1A but really selling 1B - you probably wouldn’t complain or ever mention it to the seller, right? Some people might, but I wouldn’t and I don’t think most people would.

Bob has the right of it. Talk to the seller, odds are that he is a reasonable guy. Only if he turns out to be a dick after you contact him about the error should you consider taking any negative action.

I don’t think it was a ruse either.

I never said I saw conflicting information before I bid on it. I didn’t discover it until the package arrived.

Then you didn’t read the posting before you bought the item. My point is still valid.

Reading the posting alone would lead me to the conclusion I arrived at. The auction was for 5 variants - I got 4. Unless you think that including a picture of the non-variant as the 5th item is legitimate, I think they screwed up.

I’m not trying to say you’re wrong - I just want to make sure I’m clear as to what happened.

I think what he is trying to say is that they probably intended the photo to be the correct description and either a) didn’t know or b) knew and missed the incorrect description due to a copy/paste error. Either way, it is their fault but an easy mistake to make. You deserve to get some form of compensation from the vendor, but they probably don’t deserve to be penalized in terms of feedback unless they aren’t willing to work with you on that compensation.

Major eBay sellers know that feedback is their lifeblood. If you let them know about the error 99 times out of 100 they will try to make it right. Unless they are dicks about making it right, I would let it slide.

My bad, I thought we were talking about five separate auctions.

Also, I still say “my bad.” Apparently I still live in 1995.

Any effort on their part to correct this, and I’ll be happy to leave positive feedback. Hell - an effort on their part to *communicate *constructively will as well.


Is thisthe item in question?

Lets see. Item title states “variant” , text says “variant” in great big letters, and a tiny thumbnail picture of the actual cover. I’d say the customer can’t be blamed for missing the photo.

Email them, ask for a refund. If they don’t give it to you, give them a negative feedback. If it was a significant amount of money I’d advise filing a dispute with eBay, but for $7.99 it’s probably not worth the trouble.
And, for those interested, the rare and common covers shown here

Yup, that’s the one. Yeah, $7.99 plus $6 shipping is worth the 4 variants I did get. At least, it’s not worth putting up a huge fuss.

If the auction has conflicting information you have a good reason to get a refund if you want one. The seller has a obligation to proof read and avoid conflicting information.

If you feel you still got a good deal that’s your call as well.

My big question is: Have you tried to contact the seller? Have you gotten any response?

From the OP:

No response yet.

The auction is so low dollar @ $ 7.99 for 5 comics considering the possibility of an intent to defraud vs a simple listing error is kind of silly. Return and get your money back or keep the comics, but going after them to make you whole on the hard to get comic is kind of petty in light of the fact that’s it’s an obvious inadvertent listing error. I would just move on.