How do I read spoilers?

I’m trying to read the thread down the page about The Two Towers but all the spoilers are just black boxes and I cant figure out how to read them!

Highlight them.

Okay, highlight this box:

If you can read this, you’re doing it right.

Thank you, it’s frustrated me for months, but I’ve never had time to ask.

Okay, whole we’re on the subject, how do I make them go dark?

Enter [ spoiler ] and [ / spoiler ] around the text you want to hide.

Don’t include the spaces in the tags, of course.
And in the Crying Game, Dil is really a man in drag.

If you press Control-A, you’ll be able to read all the spoilers on a page.

A night (or early morning if you must be precise) for multiple revelations.

Must say it annoys me when reading a thread which is started off with people posting spoilers, and by the end of the thread people for reasons known only to themselves are still posting spoilers…It really only has to be the first couple of posters surely.