How do I recover a deleted item?

Argggggghhhhh! I accidentally just deleted some pictures I was transfering from my camera to my PC. I tried checking the Recicle Bin and it isn’t there. Please someone tell me I can restore it or else I’ll be jumping off a bridge.

Stupid me. :mad:

I deleted some pics off my digital camera using Windows Explorer, and Windows created a recycle bin on the flash card itself, and the deleted shots were in there.

Couldn’t hurt to check.

Other than that, there are some utilities that can scan your drive for deleted files and attempt to recover them. Norton Utilities can, and you can run it off the CD, so the process of installing it doesn’t overwrite the files you’re trying to recover.

Good luck.

Thanks RJK, I didn’t notice your reply yesterday. Fortunately I remember I had made a backup. Lucky, huh?

I’ll remember your advice for next time.

The obvious solution is to copy the files from the camera without deleting them.

Its a long shot.
If you opened them up you can try going to “Document” via your “Start” button. Thy might be there.

There are various programs that allow you to recover deleted files. Obviously, you’ll want to install them before you need to undelete something, since if you do it after, you could overwrite the deleted files.

There was a freeware one called Drive Rescue that’s worked well for me, but last time I checked Google, it wasn’t available anymore. Some super-hard sleuthing might uncover it somewhere.