Is there any way to rescue pictures off a corrupted flash card?

I’ve got a camera with a compact flash card that seems to have gone kaput. Unfortunately, there are still some pictures on the card I’d like to rescue.

When I access the flash card via a USB port (either using the camera or using a seperate reader), the computer recognizes it as an external drive. I can see the directory, and a list of files, with names and sizes and creation dates. However, it appears that (judging by the dates) the newest files may be missing.

When I try to copy files to the computer, I get, for most files, the message, “The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable.” For a handful of files–the first one listed, the last one, and an, apparently random collection in-between, I can actually download the file.

The camera works fine with another flash card, so it’s definitely the card.

I suspect I’m just SOL, but is there anything else I can try that might recover the pics on the card?

There are numerous software downloads you can use to try and recover the photos from your corrupted flash card. One I have used with good results is PC Inspector Smart Recovery . Good luck! Try not to delete anything from the flash card until you have made the recovery attempt.

And don’t write any files to it either! The card may think the space occupied by the corrupted files is available for reuse. :eek:

Holy crap, that worked like a charm! 215 pictures recovered.

(I could neither read nor write to nor delete files from the card normally, so no danger of overwriting files.)

Thanks a bunch!

Glad to help doffs hat :smiley: