How do I recover my pool table?

The felt on my pool table is all crappy and bad. The bumpers are seperating.

It is a loarge Gotham pool table with automatic ball return.

I’m pretty mechanically inclined, but is recovering and fixing this table something I can do myself, or will I reall y screw it up trying?

What’s involved with this process and what’s the best place to buy the supplies I’ll need?

Or, should I really just let somebody who knws what they are doing do it?

Seeing as no one else has jumped in here, I’ll offer my opinion.

Back in High School one of best friends had a beauty of a pool table.

As part of his parents de-lousing of the house when he left for college, they had the table re-fit for felt and new bumpers put on.

From what I saw of the guy doing the refinishing, it didn’t look too easy. The guy dismantled the hell out of it. From what I could tell, he used quite a few specialty tools to get at all the parts and mechanisms (I’m not much of a handy-man, so I’m not positive on that).

But more important than the new felt and bumpers was his ‘tweaking’ out of the table. He spent a good deal of his time testing and adjusting the angle, level, and overall ‘feel’ of the table.

That skill alone seemed worth the money- it’s harder than it looks.

Ohh, ahh… my opinion would be to go with the professional.

Definitely go with the pro. You could probably do it yourself, but the smallest error would mean a marred surface, so you might as well let an expert do it. Get it leveled, re-felted, re-cushioned, the whole bit. It’ll be worth whatever you have to pay the guy.