How do I Renew My Subscription?

I guess it’s about that time again! :eek: Time to renew my SDsubscription! :cool: Hey, it’s more like a therapeutic subscription! :wink:

Anyway, as I always…I must ask :smack: the following: How can I find the status of my subscription, such as renewal date? :smack: How much is the renewal fee? Is my account set up for automatic renewal? :smack: (For some reason, I seem to recall that this option is available…and, I selected it.) But, if not an automatic renewal, can I pay by Pay Pal or by credit card? :smack:

Heck, it’s hard to remember such things from year to year! :rolleyes: Please enlighten me! :o

Click on User CP, scroll to the bottom under “Miscellaneous”, click on “paid subscriptions”. All will be revealed.