How to Renew My Subscription?

Finally on the new site, logged in. How do I renew my subscription? Email from SDMB (today) says do it here
but that takes me to “OOPS! That page doesn’t exist.”

Help! I say, Help!

I believe it was TubaDiva who posted that they’ll get to subscription renewal functions pretty soon, after they’ve put out most of the more pressing “fires.”

Meanwhile, be sure to check in every day for the next ten days — then you, too, will be a Straight Dope “enthusiast”! (Really!)

Got it. 10-Q veddy much.

In the meantime I’ll be getting a spot on the wall ready for my “Enthusiast” plaque!


Visit every day for a solid year (no gaps), and you can be a devotee. Weird thing is that it awarded the badge to at least one person who’s banned.

Ha! Well, he/she did devote time and energy to the Dope experience…

Okay, upon examination that’s an email from the OLD system and is no longer usable.

If any of you see something like this for the time being you can disregard it because there is nothing you can do.

When this feature is available to you we will absolutely let you know.

your humble TubaDiva

Knowing I have guest status disturbs me.

If this is the first time you have looked inside the house in three years, if you aren’t a guest you must be the landlord.

Welcome back. The new paint job takes a little getting used to but it isn’t peeling from the roof like the old lodgings.

But really, since TubaDiva is gone :cry: , how do we renew our subscription now? I have until early August to renew.

Currently, subscription renewals are not working. I also currently do not have an estimate as to when this issue will be resolved.

When more information becomes available, I’ll let you know.

Has this been resolved yet?

Not yet. For more information hopefully @engineer_comp_geek might know more.

I’m sure when it is, it will be announced to the highest heavens.

“Are we there yet?” never got anyone anywhere faster.


I do think that if a driver knows that a significant tip is coming, the driver is more likely to find shortcuts… :slightly_smiling_face:

But seriously I do agree mostly with what you said, what I do think is that this is not much about “Are we there yet” nagging but more of many posters knowing that costs accumulate for management and the requests here are of the kind of: “Take my money! You need it guys!”

My subscription expired on 12/28, and this is the case for me. I want to help ensure this place keeps running.

Add me to the list of those who want to renew. Thanks,

Me too.

And me.

And for me to start.

Same here. Time to join the cool kids.