How do I restart my computer in Safe Mode? (Win XP Home)

I tried reading the help instructions, but it lists steps that contain nonexistant messages to look for, such as “Please select the operating system to start”. I think the instructions take into account the radio-button dialog box that XP doesn’t have.

Might anyone be able to help?

Restart the computer and press F8 while Windows is booting up. It should prompt you to start in safe mode (among other options).

Another option if pressing F8 doesn’t work for you (like my computer). If you have a USB keyboard that doesn’t turn on until after windows, for example.

Click Run…
Type msconfig
click the “Boot.ini” tab
click on “/safeboot”
make sure “minimal” is selected
click ok

OK, here’s what you do.

  1. Using a plumb line, place a pulley directly above your “enter” key on your keyboard. Suspend a small weight – say, a sinker for a fishing line – above the key and tie it off suspended about a foot above the key.

  2. Dig a pit in your front lawn

  3. Pile whatever mattresses, sandbags, etc., you may have against your computer.

  4. Run the line from the weight over your keyboard out to the pit in your front lawn, making sure to keep it taut at all times

  5. Crawl into pit, line in hand

  6. Slowly and carefully lower weight to depress “enter” key.

Works for me every time, but mowing the lawn has gotten to be a chore with all those pits.