How do I save a DVD to my hard drive(cannot replace VIDEO_TS)

I’m trying to save a DVD to my hard drive and get the following error:

“Cannot replace VIDEO_TS: cannot find the specified path. Make sure you specify the correct path.”

Is this some type of copy protection?

You’ll need to make an iso of the DVD, which you can then mount on a virtual drive and play as usual.

let’s not jump the gun, jack

you can, in fact, simply copy the files from a dvd to your hard drive without burning an ISO image, and play it with some dvd player software (but not all, i’m sure)

i_know_nothing: can you give us a little more detail on exactly what steps you are taking. also, have you checked that the hard drive you are copying to has enough room on it for a dvd, and isn’t write protected?

oh and knowing your operating system, etc, wouldn’t hurt either

DVD dvd_rippers/dvd_decrypter.cfm - 43k - 20 Aug

I have a 120GB hard drive which has about 80GB left so I’m sure there is plenty of space. It is my only hard drive and is not write protected. As for the DVD being write protected, I don’t really know but that’s what I’m thinking since I can’t copy it. I’m using Windows XP Pro as an OS and powerDVD to play movies(both from HD and DVD player). I have a Lite-on DVD±RW.

Thats exactly what I did to a few movies. I just copied from the DVD drive(point on DVD drive in my computer, right click, copy) and pasted to my hard drive(right click in destination folder, paste). It worked on the first two but then I started getting the VIDEO_TS error message.

I downloaded this program, selected my DVD drive as the source, my HD for the destination. It decrypted it and it works just fine. Thanks. But what exactly is it decrypting? What exactly is an ISO image? What is a virtual drive?(sound like creating another ‘drive’ without a partition?)

For some reason I do not find this information very googleable. I am pretty familiar with how CD(-R/-RW) drives work but as DVD drives and all the file info I am a mostly ignorant. If anyone has any ideas of websites that might help let me know. Thanks for all the help so far.

It is decrypting the DVD files. Commercial DVD’s are typically encrypted in order to prevent copying.

If it is not copy protected, then decryption is not necessary.

An ISO image is a type of disk image. Software can read this image and write it bit by bit unto a disk. Alternatively some software (such as Daemon tools) can read an image file and mount it as a virtual disk drive on your system (It would create a new drive on your system with the contents of that image file).

I’ve learned a little about this recently, as my kids have HUNDREDS of DVD movies and they ALL seem to be scratched or covered with fingerprints and peanut butter and won’t play most of the time.

I decided to finally make use of the DVD Burner that I’ve had for 2 years and make copies of all of them (the ones that can still be read) and lock up the originals and let the kids go to town with the copies.

I use a program called DVD Shrink (Google for the website…the software’s free) and it does whatever compressing is necessary to burn onto a standard single-layer DVD+R and saves it to the hard drive. The files are all there and can be played individually…there are separate files for the menus, extras, foreign languge tracks and subtitles. The big one is usually the movie. WinCinema (came with my DVD drive) plays these files.


I make no reference nor do I personally approve of illegal copies of DVD movies. I only mention the possibility of making such copies to be used as backups. These copies are not for sale, rent or loan. They do not leave my house.

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The DVD Decrypter website was forced out of existence by the Macrovision company.

The DVD Shrink website is gone, too (reason not known at this time).

Information to assist in the illegal copying of DVDs is not permitted on these boards.

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