How do I save my pumpkin bread?

It’s stuck in the pan. I did oil and flour the pans, but evidently not enough. I think you’re supposed to take it out after 10 minutes, not leave it in there to cool completely…

One loaf is a goner (still yummy!), but I still have one that could be saved by the intervention of the Dope. Any tips?

No guarantees, but I’ve had this work with ‘stuck’ cakes: Wet some dish towels and wring out well, then heat them to steaming in the microwaves. leave one folded up on the counter and set the loaf pan on top of it. Uses the others to wrap around the sides of the pan.

NOTE: do not wrap over the top or let them touch the bread.

After a minute or so it will have liquified the shortening between the bread and the pan – assuming there is any – and you might be able to invert the pan and give it a thump or two and the bread will come out.


Good luck!

I tried something similar and just set the pan in 1/2 inch of hot water for a few minutes. Most of it survived, just one little patch on the bottom stuck. I smeared it back on there and wrapped the loaf in plastic. Hopefully no one will notice at the holiday party tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Why don’t you take your goner loaf, crumble it up, buy some canned cream cheese frosting and make pumpkin cake pops?

I’d dice up the loaf, make a vanilla pudding, and layer in parfait glasses!

Next time, line with parchment paper and no problems.

No help for this time.

How do I save my pumpkin bread?

Baptize it, of course.

(Someone had to say it.)

:stuck_out_tongue: It was very moist.

I have some pumpkin left over (only used half of a large can) so maybe I’ll make another batch to give away and use parchment paper this time!

I was too lazy to try any of the other suggestions. :slight_smile: