How do I sell a gun?

I own some guns, but do not consider myself a “gun owner”. That is, living in the country I sometimes need to shoot an animal for humane reasons, but philosophically I’ve reached the point where I’d like to see most guns gone. Then there’s the situation that as a Medical Marijuana patient, owning a gun is a violation of federal law. I gave my gf my shotgun, but she wants no parts of my handgun, and I can do without.

It looks like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are out of the question. What about the Marketplace forum here? I purchased the S&W .357 Magnum from a local sporting goods store years ago. I still have most of the .38 & .357 bullets I purchased at the same store. The last time I fired the gun was when I was teaching my son gun safety when he was 13. Today he’s a prison corrections officer who knows way more about guns than his dad.

So, how do I sell my handgun? If a neighbor hears of my plight, can I sell it to him/her? Would a buyer want to “test drive” the gun? Also, how do I determine the gun’s value? I have no recollection of what I paid (I’m guessing two something).

Two something? Two what? Two hundred dollars? Two gold pieces? Two chickens?

$237.00 (as a guess) I thought people reading this thread would understand.

ETA: depending on the weight of your gold pieces, we may have a deal.

You paid a couple of hundred bucks years ago. Destroy it. Don’t let a few bucks dilute your moral stance.

There are online marketplaces specifically for selling guns. You could probably check those out.
IIRC, when/if you ship it, you’ll have to send it to a FFL (gun store) for them to hand off to the new owner. I think, years ago when I was looking at those sites, most gun store owners would charge something like $50 to take care of that.

Do you have to register guns in your area? That is, short of actually seeing/finding it, does any entity that knows you have the MMJ card also know you have the gun?

Hmmm, that’s a thought. Disassemble and throw out the parts?

There are frequently guns for sale in the classifieds in my local newspaper. I’ve seen some for sale on a couple of fishing message boards that I frequent, so I imagine hunting/gun - oriented sites would have more.

Most likely the easiest way would be to take it to a local gun show. You might not get as much for it as from a private sale since it would probably be a dealer who buys it, but it’s a relatively hassle-free way of doing it.

BTW, $200 is what I thought. Even though I know next to nothing about guns, I didn’t figure somebody who just ‘owns some guns’ would plunk down $2K for a handgun. :slight_smile:

Your local gun store will help you out on this.

I don’t remember any kind of registration. I did have a background check when I purchased it.

I’ve sold kayaks, canoes, and pontoon boats but I’m not 100% comfortable placing a gun ad in a newspaper.

Two words: diamond chainsaw.

OMG. I own several chainsaws. The idea of allowing a chain to touch stone/concrete…

I’m impressed!
Though I don’t own a chainsaw, a diamond cutting chain sounds way cool. :slight_smile:

Do you have a drill press? Turn it into swiss cheese, mount it on a plaque, give it an artsy-fartsy name, and sell it as art! You’re welcome!

Ask your local police department?

Heh. I shy away from any interactions with law control in general, our local police force even more so. A few years ago our police chief was tried and convicted of selling guns he’d confiscated. Can you blame me?:slight_smile:

Yup. I got rid of a shotgun and an old over/under by selling them to a local gun dealer. If the OP is opposed to his gun being resold, then a hacksaw may be the answer.

I picked up a new S&W .357 Magnum just over a year ago for $700. How much you’d get for yours would depend on how much you’ve used it, how much the buyer trusts your candor about that, and how exactly you feel about handguns. If you’re cool with them but just don’t want yours anymore, then decide how much joy you’ve gotten from yours in the last couple years, equate that to weed, dinner dates with your sweetie, or whatever else you like to do, and call that the price of the gun. If you think handguns should be gone period, then destroy yours and that’s that. Giving it to the cops only ensures it won’t be YOUR problem anymore, but it does not ensure they won’t lose it, “lose” it, use it, or turn it over to the feds who will funnel it to the CIA and thence some US-backed insurgent who will use it as God intended.

The actual mechanics of a private sale are likely going to vary from state to state–some states want you to register your firearms, Colorado officials don’t even know what that means. In any event I would be shy about selling it to a stranger because you don’t know what that stranger has in mind. If they do some criming with it, then potentially someone could work out where they got it from and accuse you of mischievous skullduggery, mopery, or both. But $200 new many years ago? That’s not even a scar on your current budget–it may as well not exist. Chuck it in the ocean.

I don’t know if you want to keep it or not, I was just curious if the government knows you have it. If they don’t, it’s not that they’ll be knocking at your door asking you to forfeit either your gun or your MMJ card. Of course, if you get caught with either, you’ll probably lose both, so there’s that.
I understand your GF doesn’t want the handgun, but does she actually have to take possession of it? Come to think of it, what does it mean that you gave her your shotgun? Like, did you just move it over to her side of the bed? Or does she have her own property and it stays there. Again, if nothing was registered and no sale recorded, it’s not like the government knows you had the gun and now she has the gun.

I wouldn’t do it in the newspaper, but like I said earlier, there’s craigslist/ebay type websites dedicated to gun sales and since (at least if it goes over state lines) you have to mail it to a gun shop I’d assume you’d be in the clear should anything go wrong.
At the very least, you could check out these sites just to get an idea for what yours is worth.

I would imagine test driving a gun is going to be a a case by case basis. If someone is far enough away, of course that’s not going to happen, but I could certainly see someone asking to meet at a range to try it out and possibly make the transaction there. If one of you has property large enough to shoot it there, that would work also.
Having said all that, my big question is, do you want to keep it or do you want it gone?

Or say that you did…I’m not advocating that kayaker go to the police and file a report stating that he was kayaking and his gun slipped out of his holster and into water at some point, but it’s been done. Years ago I recall reading that people in states that require you to register your gun would claim it was stolen or lost (usually in the water) so they had a way to own the gun but not have a gun registered to them.
Of course it seems like an easier way to do that would be to buy it in a private sale and not register it to begin with.

If you want to sell at market prices, gunbroker is a place you can do that. They have their own rules you’d have to comply with. If you sell locally in PN, to another PN resident who is not prohibited, you can do that via any private advertising. Selling out of state will require you to transfer the firearms through an FFL.

If you simply want them gone and not to be used by anyone else, that’s only limited by your imagination.