How do I sell stuff from my country to USA online?

I’m still a student and never used post services in my life, so don’t be surprised if I say something dumb.

So, I am from Serbia and I know how I can legally buy stuff from America by using several shipping companies that give you a US mailing address (which is their warehouse, which you use to buy items unless you can get them shipped directly here) and then those shipping companies ship it to you from their warehouses for relatively cheap, taxes included,etc, if an item is around 100 or 200 dollars, the whole process costs an additional 20-50 dollars.

However, what if I wanted the opposite and to sell items I own to Americans or other westerners? For example I can get a bunch of older, but still working computer parts here for dirt cheap, since our salaries are 10x smaller than American ones, so prices are also much smaller, but I see that in America the same items (old cpu’s, gpu’s,etc.) sell for several times higher, for example a old working GPU I recently sold to someone for 9 dollars costs like 40 dollars in America (used), so how does the whole process work and do I have to pay anything for the shipping and taxes or can the buyer be the one that pays?

This may help. “How to sell on Amazon from anywhere in the world”.

Looking at the website for the PE Post of Serbia, it appears that shipping (and insurance) a $20 package weighing about 2 kg will cost you 3320 RSD. 1kg package insured for 3.00,00 RSD will cost 2660. It will arrive to your customer in 9-12 days. You will need to complete two customs forms when you drop off your package.

You might also want to look into using Fedex. The number to their Serbian office is +381 11 3109400.

eBay would be a standard market for something like used computer parts. Join and ask questions on this forum:

Unfortunately shipping charges would make a lot of stuff unprofitable. A previous poster gave a 2660 RSD cost for a one pound box. That is over $26.