How do I stop a leather chair from cracking?

It is a Sealy chair less than one year old.

My room is sometimes 95 degrees. The cracks are on the arm rests. Maybe it is the salt from sweating?

I’m gonna guess moisturize:

Keep it out of the sun and use a leather conditioner once a month or so.
If you think it’s from sweating, I’d suggest you keep a towel nearby and wipe any sweat off of it when you stand up.
Also, if it really is from sweat, I’d think the back of your neck sweats more than your forearms and you’d probably see it happening up there as well.

My guess would be that it’s not from sweat, or even having in the sun or a warm room, but that it’s poor quality leather and/or upholstered incorrectly in those spots.
Is it still under warranty?

Clean it regularly with saddle soap and use a leather conditioner.

Those tacky, old-fashioned towel thingies (that’s a technical term) for the armrests and headrest will keep your sweat and filth (another technical term) from crudding up the chair.

Sorry for using so much technical terminology, but sometimes ordinary words just don’t work.

**How do I stop a leather chair from cracking?

Tell it a lawyer is on his way with a writ of habeus corpus.

Anti-macassars (that’s a technical term)
Named after a long-out-of-fashion hair oil

Cracking in less than a year? Is it real leather?

Most homes have forced air heating, which is extremely dry. Getting a humidifier and moistening the air would definitely help the leather from drying out so quickly.