How do I stop my frog tap from dripping?

I’ve got an ornamental frog garden tap. This year, it’s started dripping, to the point where it’s now filling a bucket a day.

Any suggestions no how to stop it from dripping?

I’ve got a picture of the tap on flickr - I’ll see if I can post a link, if that’s of any assistance.

I thought “frog tap” must have been novel slang for “genitalia”.

Anyway, just change the washer.

Here’s the link to the picture: Piper’s Frog Tap

How do I change the washer? (In case it needs to be said, I am not a handy guy…)

Where is the leak coming from? There’s three possibiilities.

I totally misread that thread title. I was going to say, “Turn off ‘Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey, Hello My Ragtime Gal’ and he should knock it off.”

It’s not a difficult job. Do a Google search for [How to change a washer]. You will get videos, illustrated instruction manuals, the whole lot. They will explain it a lot better than I could.

That would be “How do I stop my drip frog from tapping?”.

It’s probably a washer.

Here’s a step-by-stepguide.

I’ve only done internal taps but it’s not a difficult job, the hardest part will be getting the body of the tap unscrewed initially.

I am glad I’m not the only one who read it as “How do I stop my frog from tap dancing?” Haha!

It’s coming out the end of the tap. I’ve got a hose attached, and enough drips come put the end of the hose to fill a large bucket each day.

Thanks - I’ll take a look and see if that does the trick.

In case you haven’t found one yet, here’s a Youtube video showing almost exactly what you have and how to change the washer.

I just discovered this on youtube

Final project of the Graphic Design course at UFG (Goias Federal University, Brazil). The work consists on a reinterpretation of the animation classic “One Froggy Evening”, directed by Chuck Jones in 1955.

Kinda interesting.

If that doesn’t work, just have someone else walk into the room or try to show him off to someone. That always worked into cartoon. Barring that, put him back in the cement foundation where you found him.

Am I the only one that saw your’s as “How do I stop my frog from lap dancing?”

Am I the only one who had opened this thread because he couldn’t imagine what the hell a “frog tap” could be?
Yeah, the mouseover showed me that it’s “ornamental”. But that just increased my curiousity…since I don’t see how slimy amphibeans are pretty.

And looking at the OP’s photo, I still think I’m right :slight_smile: (except in this case, it’s a rusty amphibean)

Me, I’d rather have a pink flamngo, or a garden gnome.
But only if they don’t drip…

It looks to me as if that simply screws into the pipe coming out of the house. If that is the case, I would simply buy a new hose bib. Make sure you get one with a ball valve (the one you have is likely a gate valve - those always fail).
Make sure you turn the water off inside before removing it.