How do I stop the 'lifesize' app from starting up when I log into my PC?

A member wanted a meeting and set one up using an app called ‘lifesize’. We had the meeting, but now lifesize starts whenever I log into my computer.

I went to Startup Apps, which says ‘Apps can be configured to start when you log in. In most cases apps will start minimized or may only start a background task.’ I went down to Lifesize App Service, and verified the toggle switch is in the Off position. It still starts when I log in.

I don’t want to remove the app because I know I’m going to need it again. So how do I make it not start?

You might need to change a setting in the app.

The controls you can get to via Settings in Windows 10 are pretty much a joke. There are three “real” places you have to check – services.msc, System Configuration/Startup (and if you change the startup configuration, a corresponding change on the System Configuration/General tab to select Selective startup), and Task Manager/Startup.

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It was in the app. File => Settings = Start Lifesize at login.