How do I stream video from phone to TV?

No doubt this is easier than I imagine it to be. Sadly, I cannot get the things to work together. So, how do I go about connecting my Samsung Galaxy Megaplus (Model GT-I9152P) running Android 4.3 to a Haier TV (Model LE32B90) with a USB jack? The TV’s remote control is a Haier HTR-D03. (Rant: Why can’t the manufacturers have all the menu choices available through on-set buttons instead of purt near everything running through the remote? If the remote conks out, you’re shafted.)

The immediate concern for me is I want to watch a video streamed through Tencent Video. The video on the phone gives me options for either DLNA or “AirPlay”.

If it matters, I’m in China and the TV and the phone are both for domestic market here.

Thanks to anyone who can guide me through this.

You will need a chromecast I think. I’ve never tried or heard of doing it with a USB cable.

Chromecast will not work in China without a VPN–and I’ve no idea of how to use a VPN on a Chromecast anyway. The little diagram to go along with the DLNA choice shows a USB cable so I’m going to say that’s probably the connection. What I need to know is the menu choices, the procedure, to get this done.

It’s not a usb cable. What you need is a galaxy hdmi adaptor. They’re about $35 on Amazon. You can probably get them cheaper in China.
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The TV has both a USB jack and HDMI jack. Is there a different symbol for HDMI than for USB? I might spring for the HDMI adapter next time I’m in town. I’ve just never had occasion to try this before now.

My TV has a USB jack port and a USB selector on the input menu, but when I plug in a device and select USB, it simply says “There is no device connected to your TV”. But VGA works fine.

Baidu has its own hdmi casting dongle. it may work for you in China without the VPN workaround required for hromecast.