Google Play Cast to TV: How To Get My TV to "Accept" What I'm Casting?

For Christmas I got a (cheap) tablet that uses the Google ios (or whatever it’s called). Apparently I can watch a movie on it and “send” it to my TV. I don’t understand how to get my TV to “accept” (for lack of a better choice of words) movies from my tablet.

I read the instructions and watched the video here, but I’m missing a step somehow.

Can someone please explain this to me like I’m five years old? Thanks!

Do you have a Chromecast attached to the television?

Was going to ask the same thing. You need a video Chromecast (the one with the HDMI output) attached to your TV input. You can get one for $35.

Assuming that you have a new enough TV to have an HDMI port. When I got a Chromecast for my husband last year, I also had to buy a TV, since ours was at least 20 years old and had nothing other than coax and stereo inputs.

I can select cast on my Android phone and the phone asks which device I wish to cast to. I can choose my Dish Hopper or my Samsung TV from the phones menu. If I choose the Hopper the TV’s display asks if it’s OK. I press select on my Hopper remote and there it is.

No Chrome Cast required.

Let me rephrase: A Chromecast or some other device that allows casting. I’m seriously considering upgrading our Chromecast to a Fire Stick when I get my tax refund next year.

Thanks for the help! Now to buy a Chromecast.