How do I stretch this muscle?

Started a new workout program on Thursday and the DOMS are killing me. I know how to stretch my quad, but for some reason I can’t think how to stretch the muscle that is hurting, just above my knee - coincidentally the same muscle you use to go up and down stairs.

Any help?

Lunges, perhaps? Maybe stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs, stick one foot up a few, and lean towards it (like a lunge).

Something like this?

Stand up and brace yourself against something. Now bend one of your leg back, keeping the thigh pointing down, and grab your ankle with the opposite hand. Stretch. Alternate legs.


:eek: No W-Sitting! No W-Sitting!

Terrible on your hips and knees. Leads to hip dislocations and tightened hamstrings and the corruption of our precious bodily fluids!

What John Mace said, but I’ll add that you need to be careful to keep your leg straight underneath you and not cock it out to the side, and the calf needs to stay in line with the thigh, so you’re not pulling your knee out of alignment. Do it very gently, and do it infrequently - too often, and even if everything is lined up right, you can overstretch and destabilize the ligaments in the knee, and possibly even tear the cartilage.

Your cite is specifically about young children and sitting in that position for a long time. This is a 60 second yoga stretch for adults done about an hour into the workout after one has already done a significant amount of other stretches. I fail to see the relevance.

This is basically what we did in high school football to stretch out our quadriceps and no one was injured. Start from a kneeling position with the knees together and lean back until you feel a slight pull, then hold. Brace with your arms until (unless) you can arch your back and brace with your head.

We used to combine this with neck stretches by rotating our heads against the ground while wearing helmets, but that was mostly for show.

The “Supine Vajrasana” is what I use after running or workouts that have stretched my quads hell and back. 30-60 seconds for an adult will do no damage. When I’m really sore, I only do one leg at a time.

If you were to sit on the floor playing with your matchbox cars, as an adult, you’d find your knees would start aching.

FTR: I used to sit like that and play ALL the time, and have not a single one of the negative issues described in that article. Kids have been sitting that way for years. It lets you play with your toys without your legs getting in the way. There is another “Ask the Doctor Website” that says “Sitting in this manner won’t cause any problem”. So, it seems to be one of those YMMV things.

Note: you should also do the stretch with your heel under your buttock to keep your leg in a straight line to target the muscle group better.