How do I toast a friend (google fails!)?

I did a google search, but it gets confused with ‘bread’ toast and ‘salute’ toast. I have a good friends’ birthday party tomorrow, and I want to give her a nice toast…but would like to do a traditional one, or at least use that as a base to work from.

Does anyone have a good reference?

A quick search at using keyword toastmaster produced over 100 results.

This site is the faq for bulldogs on the Usenet dog group, rec.pets.dogs. By the way, they say that there is no such thing as an “English” bulldog. There are “bulldogs” and “French bulldogs.”

Here is the relevant part of that faq:


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Aw, hell. Obviously I posted to the wrong question.


Few seem relavent, though. Toastmasters is an organization for practicing public speaking, no?

I dunno, Haj. That seems a little wordy for a birthday party. Maybe for a wedding…

sethdallob: A Google search on the exact phrase “birthday toasts” might get more results along the lines of what you’re looking for.

For fucks sake seth, did you even follow my instructions?

Go to. About.Com. Type in toastmaster in their search engine and veiw the results.

And I’ll be dammed if I ever help your ass again.

I did follow your instructions, and found few toasts worthy of note for a friends’ birthday (most were raunchy irish drinking toasts). I don’t think you’ve ever helped me before, and quite frankly, with your attitude, I doubt many people would.

I realize that this post was OT but felt compelled to respond to his harsh language.

That sort of language, and that sort of tone, is not appropriate here. Abuse of a fellow member is never appropriate in General Questions, even when they fail to heed your advice. Don’t do it again.

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By the way, Gandhi didn’t spell his name Ghandi.

What do you mean by “tarditional” toast? What do yuo want to say about your friend? Do you want elements of humor?