How do I turn off the Seat Belt warning in a 2007 Chevy Aveo?

Doesn’t this question, and most of the answers to it, violate the SMDB rules about telling how to do illegal activities?

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What’s illegal about it?

Is it illegal (I’m asking becuase I don’t know) to turn off the “seatbelt not on” warning?

Seeing as how the OP just answered his own question, I second’s motion.

Is there something illegal about disabling a warning light/chime?

The chime is g-d annoying if I get a couple bags of rocksalt and want to lay them on passenger seat on way home!

My 2008 Focus owner’s manual has instructions on how to disable the AUDIO seat belt warning (chiming), with appropriate disclaimers (dash light still blinks). So does my friend’s 2008 Mustang GT’s manual. The procedure is strangely complicated but works (turn key to this position, buckle and unbuckle NINE times, turn here, buckle again within x-seconds, etc.)

That said, it doesn’t do it in accessory mode/key position. It also is supposed to only require one fastening per ‘ignition session’ so I could fasten it once to stop the chiming, then unfasten without chimes until key leaves and re-enters ignition position (next time engine stops and is restarted).

See, I was hoping it was something like this. I’ve been able to disable the fuction in other vehicles through this type of fix. My owners manual says nothing of the sort, and google has failed me. It seems they decided the user shouldn’t be able to turn this off.

To answer a few of the “why” questions: Yes, I like to sit in my vehicle and listen to the radio sometimes with the engine off. I can park at a local stream or forested area and relax in a nice comfy seat. One thing to be said about the seats in an Aveo, they are great for napping!

The audio alarm sounds even if the engine is off and I only have the accessory mode turned on. As an addendum to this one, my power outlets inside the vehicle don’t work unless I am in this mode. Logically this shouldn’t be the case, but… well… there you go. It does it even with the engine off. And it isn’t a quiet beep either. It’s loud enough that you have to raise your voice to be heard over it.

I have no problem with the blinking light, just the audible alarm. I somehow doubt it is illegal to disable the annoying sound that reminds me to fasten my safety belt, since many vehicles allow you to do so. Besides, I don’t need a warning that my seatbelt isn’t fastened.
I suppose I’ll have to try unplugging things under the seat if there’s no built-in way to turn it off. Plugging in the passenger’s belt and other solutions, while those seem feasible, also strike me as a bit of a pain in the ass. I shouldn’t have to ‘fool’ my vehicle into thinking I have my seat belt on. Thanks for the tips dopers.

OK, I went and got my manual.

The ‘one-time’ disable of the Belt-Minder ® system is indeed good for one ignition cycle if quickly fastened and unfastened once at any time. If buckled longer than ~30 seconds at any point, won’t work during that ignition session.

To continuosly deactivate (until same procedure is repeated to reactivate):

-Key to ignition position but don’t start engine.
-Wait until safety belt warning light turns off (~1 min)
-Within the next 50 seconds after light goes out, at a meduim pace (heh), fasten and unfasten buckle NINE times ending in unbuckled state.
-if done correctly, dash belt light will turn on for 3 seconds
-within seven seconds of it going back out, buckle/unbuckle one more time
-if successful, dash belt light will flash once per second for 3 seconds

-if repeated and successful to re-activate, light will flash four times per second for 3 seconds, then go out for 3 seconds, then flash once per second for 3 seconds to confirm.

Check your manual. It’s a supplemental safety feature, and I doubt the manufacturer would publish instructions in the manual on how to disable it if it were illegal.

Remove the sounding module. Of course this removes all beeps, such as “key in ignition” as well.

I’ve had to do that on several cars I’ve owned, though I wear my seatbelt any time the car is moving. I just hate bings, bongs, and beeps.

Obviously, that only works on new Fords in my experience. I tried to google up a Chevy procedure only to find a lot of other frustrated Chevy owners. One thing I did see for a Chevy HHR, which agrees with butler1850’s suggestion was:

"I installed an aftermarket stereo and wired it direct. No more turn signal chimes, I can now play the stereo with the doors open, no seat belt chime when I unplug before reaching the garage, and best of all - I can play the stereo without having the key in.

Another great feature of direct wiring is providing your stereo with a stronger power source than the ACC line, this can often increase your amps output. (*Note: my Pioneer head has a 30-amp fuse inline already.)

The HHR audio harness pulls out a good 8 extra inches, so cutting the plugs off leaves you with lots of wire. If you were to sell, or wanted to go back to stock, the plugs can be easily reattached with butt connectors. It’s not nearly as bad as it seems.

If you want to retain your stock stereo, simply remove it and unplug the harness. Next, pull the harness cable out a bit for access, and cut the dark green wire running to pin 5 on one of the two plugs. This wire transmits the GM Serial LAN data (chimes for seatbelts, lights on, door open, etc.)

Make sure you cut the correct wire. If you cut the wrong one by accident, just reattach it with a butt connector and try again."

I wouldn’t drive an Aveo without wearing the seatbelt

Put the car in reverse?

Works on some cars I know.

He’s NOT driving it, he’s sitting in a car, completely stationary in a parking area, listening to music. The music is getting interrupted by incessant beeping, he wants to know how to enjoy his music in his stationary vehicle without beeping vehicular interruption (band name?).

My, admittedly shitty, suggestion. Sit in the back seat, if you can reach up front or your cord is long enough (if you’re using an external audio player) it should be little hassle and IME in most cars it doesn’t care about the [del]children[/del] people in the back seat wearing their belts beeping wise.

Wikianswers had this about a Chrysler car, but in the “should also be listed for” section Chevy was listed, so try this:
"1.Turn the ignition switch to the LOCK position and buckle the driver’s seat belt. 2.Start the engine & wait for the Seat Belt Warning Light to turn off. 3.Within 60 seconds of starting the vehicle, unbuckle & then re-buckle the driver’s belt at least three times within 10 seconds, ending with the seat belt buckled.

Note: Watch for the Seat Belt Warning Light to turn on while unbuckling and off while re-buckling the seat belt. It may be necessary to retract the seat belt. 4. Turn off the engine. A single chime will sound to signify that you have successfully completed the programming.

[It] can be reactivated by repeating this procedure. "

Maybe he needs the heat/AC on as well.