How do I turn off the Seat Belt warning in a 2007 Chevy Aveo?

How do I turn off the Seat Belt warning in a 2007 Chevy Aveo? Sometimes I just feel like sitting in my car listening to the radio. The problem with this is that unless I have my seatbelt fastened, every 4 minutes I am treated to 8 really loud consecutive beeps reminding me that my seatbelt is not fastened. For obvious reasons, this is really annoying.

Check under the seat, should be a plug thats attached to a pressure sensor, remove that and problem disapears.


Another way to stop the noise is to wear the seatbelt - but maybe you already realised that.

He may live in a jurisdiction were seat belts are not mandatory.


I think that wearing it will still stop the beeping, even in these cases.

It’s obvious he doesn’t want to wear the belt when sitting in the vehicle to listen to the radio. There are certain times when people do this. I used to take breaks and lunch in my vehicle laying on the seat in the sun, with the radio on. A certain number of songs to play and I needed to check the time.

Just plug the seat belt into its slot, you don’t have to wear it unless you’re driving

Right – plug it in before you get into the seat, then sit on top of it.

If you turn the key to accessory mode - ie. don’t actually start the engine - you should be able to listen to the radio without activating the restraint warning.

The passenger seatbelt tongue should reach the driver side buckle.
If not, get a replacement tonge, and stick it in the buckle. 23 bucks on-line, 7 bucks at a local U-pull-n-pay (if they have it)

Hate to be a stick in the mud but…

When I want to listen to the radio I find a nice comfy armchair, make a cup of coffee and just sit listening.

Why do you wanna sit in your car?

Sometimes you just want to get away at lunch but not actually go anywhere. Job’s making you crazy, or whatever. So you go and sit in your car and read.

Is this really so difficult?

I think if my seatbelt thingie beeped like that I’d kill someone.

OP: The other alternative is to sit in the passenger seat.

Difficult to understand, I meant.

In the US, that would be only be New Hampshire.

I’ve thought about doing that in my car. Often times I have heavy stuff on the passenger seat and get the same issue. My concern is that it might turn off the passenger airbag as well and I wouldn’t want that. I suppose I could just unplug it and see of the “passenger airbag off” light turns on.

Does it beep at you even when the car isn’t running? My car won’t start beeping until I start driving. Also, check to see if your ignition switch has a position you can turn the key so the radio works but the other systems like heat and power windows aren’t activated. That key position may disable the seat belt chime.

I’d like to disable mine sometimes too, like when I’m on private roads.

Unplugging it is simple and fast, reconnect the plug to resume function.

Another option that comes to mind, but I have no idea where to look for it, is to see if there is a volume switch for the chimes and simply reduce it to zero.

Obviously your disabling a safety function on your vehicle so it comes down to what kind of trade off you want.

The two possibles that I mentioned are the least invasive and won’t affect the resale condition of your vehicle.


Yeah, but it would involve getting my arms under the seat, finding the thing, unhooking it, remembering to do it, remembering to replug it in. I just pull the seatbelt around the back of the chair and buckle it if it bugs me.

I found that my simulated turn signal “clicker” and the seat belt chime both come through the same speaker. Most of the controls are a computer program now.

My guess is that’s the only radio available.

I find it surprising that a car will ding at you if it’s not running. Every modern car I’ve been in has a key position that allows the radio to be on and not much else. try turning the key the other way.