How do I unistall a cat door?

I installed a cat door in the door to my garage, but the cat stays out side now. I want to undo it. It is a metal door with foam inside. I was thinking maybe I could fill it with some material and repaint the door. any suggestions?

You should be able to rivet or screw a piece of sheet metal to each side of the door to cover the hole. You can also stuff a piece of pink insulation in there to replace the missing foam. Places like Home Depot have aluminum in sheets that should work for you.

I have a cat tunnel that goes through a double skinned 10" brick wall

Since the unlamented demise of my cat (he got horrible) I’ve simply stuffed it with newspaper and stuck a box against the lot

  • it confuses the heck out of neighbours’ cats

Not a solution in your case … however …

You need to secure the outside with something weatherproof, possibly a bit of tin or a rigid vinyl floor tile. I suggest self tapping screws. Also some exterior sealant round the edges.

The inside can be a bit of plywood.

The interesting bit comes next, you can get cavity filling foam that expands forcefully, sets solid, and can then be carved with a sharp knife. I’ve used it for numerous bodge jobs.

I’ll second the “Great Stuff” TM (expanding foam) idea. Cat doors are usually pretty small, but you might need to stick a piece of mesh or something in there, or do it in layers. This stuff expands more than you think it will, and takes around an hour to reach full expansion. DO NOT GET GREAT STUFF ON YOUR SKIN!!! Really, from experience, you’ll regret it. The great stuff will cut easily with a serrated knife once dry, and can be sanded. It will have little holes in it once sanded and cut; spackle over it and paint. Be sure to get exterior grade great stuff, and don’t try to use the kind for windows and doors. This will look less ghetto than putting linoleum floor tiles over the hole. :wink: