How do I watch he Olympics online?

NBC doesn’t show the Olympics live, so to watch them on TV I turn to CBUT. Unfortunately, I don’t give a crap about ice dancing, and would rather watch sports. I tried watching something on BBC, but nothing plays when I click on the links. CBC says the live coverage is not available in my territory. NBC is showing skating. OK, I know Sochi is 12 hours ahead of my local time and I’m not going to get to watch outdoor sports today; but where and how can I watch free live coverage online, of events I’m interested in? is streaming all events live. You do need to sign in with your cable/satellite login. So far I’ve watched biathlon, luge and speed skating.

Disappointing interface so far. Once I actually find something I can watch*, there is no pause/play/rewind/fast forward control (for replays of past events, I wouldn’t expect it for live coverage). WTF?
*I have so far clicked on 4 events to watch. Each time, NBC makes sure I watch a 30 second ad, only to then state that the coverage is over. I don’t mind watching the ads if there is something to watch, but watching the ad for absolutely nothing sucks.

Uhm, what are you watching on? I’m on PC and I have yet to see an ad. I’m currently watching women’s moguls with no controls, but everything I watched earlier (I’ve been watching for close to 7 hours now) I always had pause, skip back and go live.

Here are some suggestions:

PC, and I had to sign on with my DirecTV account in order to watch.

I had to sign on with my Dish ID, Maybe different providers put ads on? I’m watching a replay now and still no ads, full controls. I’m loving it.

Nope. Watching the Men’s slopestyle semi final replay. Ads breaks and no controls at all.

Not sure about the Olympics, but in recording stuff on-demand from my cable company I found that using Firefox I get commercials and control hassles but using Opera it was all good.

Definitely a YMMV situation.

Hi I thought I’d share this with you all. If you have access to NBC’s online content, you can block the commercials from appearing during the streams. It really makes the experience so much better. Honestly, with no commercial interruptions and NBC’s FULL replays of every event, it really is near perfect coverage. Had NBC offered access to their online content commercial-free at a premium price I would have gladly paid for it, but instead I have to resort to this: