What is the best way to stream the Olympics this year? USA and willing to pay

My initial instinct was that I should subscribe to Peacock and that NBC would be pushing all their Olympic coverage on there big time to boost subscribers. I am reading that…perhaps that is not the case? A lot of their coverage is not going to be viewable on the Peacock service? I was willing to pay for the top-tier level Peacock subscription, but I’m not even sure it is worth it.

What I would like:

  • Live footage
  • Replayable events after they happen(helpful with the timezone difference) <-important!
  • Some edited coverage showing highlights and key moments

I would like to put the Olympics on during the day. My kids and I are home and we’d like to have it on even in the background.

I’m willing to pay up to $50 for a gold package level thing that would show all the Olympics streaming, but I’m not sure what to even get.

I thought they shutdown their NBC Sports app in order to push their Peacock service.

How do we stream the Olympics in the best way possible?

I think you can stream at this site. They ask for your local provider, by which they mean your cable or satellite service, or if you have neither, your local NBC broadcast channel.

This article says that NBC will be streaming various Olympics coverage on NBCOlympics.com and NBCSports.com, as well as on Peacock. Alas, I have no idea how much content will be on each stream, and what it’ll cost, so it sounds like there isn’t a “one stop” answer to your question.

Rent Scottie Pippen’s home.

Seriously, Pippen has turned his Chicago home into an Air BnB for a few days, aimed at those who want to watch the Olympics. $92 per night for up to four people.

Wouldn’t any hotel room work for the same purpose? In my experience, they still have TV sets.

Not many hotels have their own basketball courts. :wink:

OK, so the NBC website seems to be the ultimate best way to watch the olympics. I have a Chromebook I can plug in to my TV for it, but what is the cheapest way to get access to it?

Like should I go with Sling TV and it gets me access or is there another cheaper option? I just want it for the month.

I think you will be able to enter your local NBC broadcast station on the nbcolympics.com website, so in theory, you need pay nothing. Not sure whether the same content will be available to broadcast-only viewers.

My understanding is that you need a “provider” to register there and get access to everything. I don’t know what services will work for me to get access to it.

I have to say, I am blown away at how hard it is to determine how to get access to the olympic coverage. I keep reading NBCOlympics.com is the best, but when I register there, I do not see a way to tell it “I have Sling” or something to that it opens up for me the full content.

When you try to watch an event on their site, you can click SIGN IN WITH YOUR CABLE PROVIDER. There you can search for SLING TV.

I think this is what I’ll be doing. I…guess I’ll pick the “blue” package that specifically mentions NBC as part of it?

I can confirm that the blue package works. (I just re-signed up for Sling with just the blue package and watched a few minutes of a soccer game.)

I’m in and I actually got a deal where both packages were $25 for the first month. I consider this a win.

I also was able to login and see some footgae.

I will now “officially” answer my question from the original post.

  1. Sign-up for Sling. Use an app and they have a 50% off deal going for your first month.

  2. Use NBC Sports(now with the Olympic Rings under it) on your Roku or other device. Otherwise, go to NBCOlympics.com.

  3. Choose Sling as your provider.

  4. You are in! All footage and replays(essential with the time difference) are now available.

What is available if you only list a broadcast station as your providet?

I am not sure, but I did put that in originally. Some footage, perhaps the nightly footage NBC is airing.

Anyway, the more in-depth access required a provider.

Note: I woke up just now and decided to turn on the opening ceremonies live. I received a “your provider does not allow this content to be streamed”.

The ceremony was there under “live”, but was not viewable. Very strange.

I put on a replay of rowing instead…

I am currently watching it on the local NBC affiliate in Portland Oregon. In my opinion the Japanese are doing a wonderful job with the opening ceremonies.

Yep, I’ll get my antenna out and try to get it over air. My other programs/events are loading up fine.


My current understanding for the Winter Olympics in Beijing is that NBC is moving everything over to Peacock this time. Live AND replays.

Is this what everyone else is hearing? I guess there is no need for the NBC Olympics app and no need for a TV subscription this time?

If so, I’m simply going to subscribe to Peacock for 1 month at the premium ad-free rate and then cancel when the Olympics is over.