How do iPhone apps work for the coders?

—In other words, do they post the apps for you and pay you periodically for every time that app is bought? (minus their cut.) Or does it work some other way?

I also would like to know what is the difference, from the coders’ end, between web-based and native apps? (I understand the intrinsic difference – a native app is analogous to buying a pc game, and a web app is like playing a flash game online. Right?)

I am asking because I have a couple of good ideas for iPhone apps. (anybody want to code them for me, & split the money?)


Completely different. Different languages, different libraries, different development environments, etc.

There’s full info on all of this at

If you find someone, let me know. I’ve had a few ideas as well and no time or inclination to learn to develop them. From what I can tell, the apps are in such high demand that developers will only pick up projects they think will make a decent amount of money. On the other hand, most developers aren’t making that much off of them either.

I’m an iPhone developer. If you’re interested in talking about ideas, send me a msg. The native applications are done on in Objective-C, which you may not be familiar with if you aren’t a Mac developer; I had to learn it specifically to do iPhone programming, since I’d never done anything Apple-related before. There’s a fairly complicated system of permissions and certificates you have to use to “hook up” a device (an iPhone or an iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone without the phone) to the development environment. If anyone was curious about anything else involved, I could probably talk your ear off about this :wink: