How do meetings of multiple world leaders deal with each country's security?

When there are meetings such as the G-8 how is the security organized? You have the presidents/prime ministers of multiple countries all in one room.

From what I understand of very tight security, it is very much orchestrated and a team effort, there is no way you can get 8 secret services (speaking different languages) all working together, especially when they are probably looking as much at each other as outside.

Is one country’s security given charge of certain locations and other countries given charge of other locations?

How does this work?

The host country is responsible.

Their personal security details will be nearby and the host country will work with them so everyone is on the same page.

The US Secret Service sends teams in advance to coordinate it all. I presume others do the same. Happens often enough I guess it is fairly routine. I wouldn’t be surprised if each is allowed one or two personal security people in the room with them.

Some things the SS still covers like security during transport. The host country might also provide police escort but SS cars are part of the procession and they actually fly the president’s armored limousine wherever he goes (it recently got stuck leaving a driveway in another country…kind of embarrassing).

It got stuck in London this week, embarrassingly while departing the American embassy.

Sometimes there are problems

I couldn’t find a cite (too many matches to non-related recent events in LIbya), but there was a foreign meeting at which Gaddafi’s bodyguards refused to relinquish their weapons, causing an incident.

Or I could have tried, maybe… Wikipedia’s main article on the subject? :smack: