How do Opie and Anthony still have an audience?

I’ve got XM and will occasionally channel surf the talk radio and sometimes end up on O&A. I’m 34 years old and a white male so I’m the target audience. I have a good sense of humor and do not shy away from crude insulting humor. With that said…

These guys are the most overtly racist ensemble in media today. They constantly shit all over blacks and mexicans at every opportunity. And they don’t even hide it. They stop right before saying nigger but they use every word other than it. They constantly talk about how they are all criminals and are dumber than whites. It’s really crazy.

They also take a 2 second bit and drag it into 45-60 minute long segments. It’s like they don’t even prepare for the show. They will play some newsclip that’s so funny but then they cut in on it every 4-5 seconds (literally) to make some stupic comment or to laugh at each other.

What the fuck do these guys bring to the table? Were they funny on OTA radio?

racism is funny

I still miss Steve Dahl . . . .


They do a four-hour show in real time daily. I doubt they DO prepare for the show, outside making bullet lists of occasional main topics.

Not a defense, I can’t stand 'em. I’m just saying.

I don’t really understand how any of those morning shows have an audience. Stern included. Four hours is a long time. Most of the time seems to be endlessly (as the OP points out) riffing on stupid pop culture topics or other entertainers. And the OP is right that the hilarity with which they laugh at themselves is really, really annoying.

I’m pretty sure these idiots think they have a free pass because Patrice O’Neal (who is funny) is buds with them and doesn’t appear bothered by their shtick.

I’ve also wondered at the blackface implications of having Jay Mohr imitate Tracy Morgan.

Maybe it’s because the world has come equipped with a self-replenishing supply of adolescent males, not to mention adult males with an adolescent sense of humor.

Very few people listen to such shows from beginning to end. The idea is that you can tune in on your morning commute, and no matter when your commute is, you can catch the show, and hear pretty much the same material. Listen for longer than the length of a typical commute, and they’ll start repeating themselves.

Likewise. He’s doing a podcast now; I have to believe he’ll rematerialize on Chicago radio once his contract with CBS finally expires in the middle of this year. CBS took him off the air at the end of 2008, but he decided to make them honor the remainder of his contract.