How do other countries celebrate Thanksgiving?

Okay, so I was wondering… How do countries apart from the USA celebrate Thanksgiving? How do they commemorate the landing of the Pilgrims on their shores?

What if turkeys aren’t readily available? Do they use pelican or penguin instead? Ostrich, maybe? Or flamingoes?

And instead of cranberry sauce, do they use bamboo shoots or some native berries instead? Just wondering.

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Are you refering to other American continent countries?

down here we tend to sit around in our khaki shorts lifting cans of beer to our lips while the shrimps sizzle on the barbie with the crocs milling about nearby and proclaim as one people

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No, just other countries. How did the Pottsylvanians choose to commemorate the Pilgrims’ arrival, for example?

Here is a list of world harvest festivals, present and past, which is what Thanksgiving amounts to.

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The Kuwaitis’ sprung for a $1.2 Million dollar meal for us when I got deployed in 2001. Cake, dessert, American turkey, cheese, bread . . . Oh man, it was a spread. I was honored to be their guest that day.

Yes, I saw some of the invoices. Real American turkeys.

It’s not a “religious” holiday, so they let their thanks be known to us.

I personally prefer making turkey the mexican way since I am, well, in Mexico.

The correct procedure is buy 250 grams of turkey, baguette, lettuce, turkey, cheese and assorted toppings.

Mix to form a sub. Serve with beer.

UK: we don’t.

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I really have been asked this in the States a few times.

My answer: we have a huge feast to give thanks that we got rid of those miserable pilgrims.

Aw, no – don’t give them another holiday idea down here, with all the cards, the prezzies, the turkey and who knows what-all! Noooooo …!!!

We don’t celebrate it. The Puritans didn’t get down this far. :slight_smile:

Isn’t Canadian Thanksgiving the second Monday in October? It harkens back to 16-1700s, depending on who you listen to.

And as David Simmons pointed out, there are harvest festivals in just about every other culture that are quite similar in their intent.

Sweden: We don’t celebrate it either.

There are of course other festivities during the late fall season.

One of the is Mårten Gås (Mårten Goose), which is more of a regional thing. It is celebrated in November and with goose instead of turkey on the table. I’m not sure what the reason for the festivity is, it’s not being thankful for anything though.

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It’s to commemorate St Martinus of Tours (don’t ask me why it’s still done 500 years after the reformation, it’s most probably to allow people to have a party) and as for the goose eating it’s just becuse they are ready to be slaughtered at that time of the year.

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So uhhhhhhhhhh…which country is that?

I really wish people would put list their location. That way, when they say things like “My country blah blah blah…” we know where the hell they’re talking about.