How do people who buy cars on ebay get them

Do they drive down and get them, or are they delivered, or are there independent delivery services that help on this issue?

All of the above.

I had a friend who sold a car and the buyer traveled to the guy’s house to pick it up.

There’s plenty of trucking companies who’ll transport cars and some even specialize in it.

Depends on the seller. If the car is sold within a reasonable distance, they’ll deliver.

You can search by distance. Nearest to a certain zip code listed first.

I bought a kit car off of ebay. It basically ran but was not in drivable condition, so I had it shipped (using an independent shipping service) from New Jersey to where I live in Pennsylvania. The cost was about $400. To ship it from one coast to the other isn’t all that much more, about $800 or so. If the car hadn’t been able to be driven up onto the car carrier under its own power it would have cost a bit extra. It also costs a bit more if you want the car in a special covered truck, otherwise they just stick it on an open trailor.

A co-worker bought a car off of ebay and borrowed his friend’s pickup truck to pick it up. He rented one of those little tow dollies (attaches to the trailor hitch on the pickup then goes under the front wheels of the car you are towing) from U-haul or someplace similar. I think they charge about $50 to rent the little tow thing out.

:dubious: They don’t. It’s usually a scam. :rolleyes:
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My buddy bought an International refrigerated straight truck on eBay for his wholesale flower business-flew to Chicago and drove it back to PA.

Tuckerfan is headed somewhere in the midwest to bring back an older Chrysler.

My friend once wanted to buy a hearse on Ebay and was told she’d have to pick it up. Of course, she can’t drive and the engine is seized and the parts are near impossible to find, so the hearse remained unbought.

Kind of hard to drive a broken hearse back over four states.

I just kept searching until one came up in my area. After a month, one did show up, it was about 25 miles from me. Emailed the guy to see If I can check it out. I liked what I saw, and after a test drive, I bid on it. If you’re looking for a daily driver, I recommend what I did, just so you can atleast see what you’re buying.

My cousin bought a car on eBay. He was able to find one he liked near him so he just went and picked it up. He lives in a fairly densely populated area (Westchester County NY) so there was a good chance of finding a car he liked within a reasonable distance. He has been very satisfied with the car BTW.