I would like to sell my car on E-Bay

I live in the Midwest and I have got a warm weather car that I hardly use and would like to sell. Since the market for such cars in my area is practically nil I’ve decided to try to sell it on the internet. The PayPal account is already set up & I realize that the buyer is responsible for paying for shipping. What I need to know is how do I find a company that will transport my car to its future owner? Is this something that is negotiable between myself and the purchaser? How do you close the transaction?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try looking in your Yellow pages under, Automotive>Transport.

Or take a peek here:

Here might work. Sigh.


You might consider using a company like www.escrow.com - which protects the buyer and seller, which paypal won’t do.

I recently sold a domain name for $8000 and was quite happy with their service. Myself and the buyer split the escrow cost which came to something like $50 each.

I don’t recommend Ebay -
I couldn’t get their servers or C.S. to fix the problem with my account. Pages wouldn’t load.