How do pot brownies get you high?

A person I know was explaining to a group of my friends that in order to get the most out of pot brownies you have to mix the weed around fairly evenly in the batter. That piece of advice was more or less common sense to everyone there. But he went on to say that the reason is so that the THC( is that whats its called, the chemical or whatever it is that gets you high) can leave the pot and get into the cake, allowing you to get high without having to eat the weed itself. How correct was he?

He wasn’t. THC is soluble in alcohol, but not cake batter.

Gourmet Cannabis Cookery: The High Art of Marijuana Cuisine says ( in my own words) that uncooked pot will not get you high, it will only irritate your digestive tract. You “process” the weed with heat and fat, by baking it with butter in the oven or boiling with butter and water in a pot. For several hours. Then strain it, and what you end up with is green butter. You then use the herbal butter to cook with- brownies, cookies, sausage gravy, pizza, nachos, there’s LOTS of recipes in here.
I’ve never actually used the cookbook, prolly never will, but thought it would make a fine addition to my home library.

Very nauseously, in my case.

Never tried that again.


if anyone cares…

A bond w/ a water molecule needs to be broken for the THC to be effective psychoactively in a person’s system. Burning the hemp flowers accomplishes this very nicely, which is why it is often smoked.

Trublmakr is correct that heating the raw material w/ oil or butter, then straining and using the butter will work.

However, if you simply mix the flowers (finely chopped) with the batter, the same process will occur, only much less efficiently.

I have tried the butter method, way way back in the day. Worked astonishingly well.

That butter was also lovely on toast, bagels…

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