Eating uncooked marijuana?

My friends say if you eat marijuana it has to be cooked to achieve a high… I disagree, i find by eating uncooked buds i can get high. Is there any scientific evidence supporting their claims?

It definately does not have to be cooked. I’m sure someone here has the chemistry background to show that it probably shouldn’t be cooked. I remember hearing during my salad days (hehe) that some cannabanoids degraded at room temp and that it was better to keep weed in the freezer.
One last thing about eating dope straight. Don’t think that eating it will save you from cotton mouth and red eyes. I thought it was the smoke that gave you those symptoms, it ain’t.

Why would you eat the bud instead of smoking it - isn’t that incredibly wasteful? And shouldn’t your screenname be Muncher420? :slight_smile:

Cooking in the presence of an oil and alcohol is purported to concentrate the THC. But since I’ve done everything from brownies to buds sauteed in butter and vodka to eating leaves straight off the plant like some sort of befuddled koala bear, I think I can state categorically that if you’re messing around with this much reefer, you’re gonna be high all the damned time no matter what you do.

Funny line Sofa,
But cooking in alcohol may concentrate it like an extract but that just means THC/volume, not THC strength or total THC. I can’t believe im posting this.

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